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Past/Current Members
Was in the book club from the beginning, and I never met him. He dropped out when he fell ill, moved in with his family in Dallas, and died sometime later.
Was in the bookclub, but dropped out soon after I joined. Rita recalls "she was smart, well-read and a carpenter/contractor by trade."
Was a wonderful participant, and predated my membership. He was always doing the reading, hosting well, and had some different and interesting insights into the selections. He dropped out for the same reason as Adrian, and died as well.
  Richard Van Cleve
Was also in the group before I, but dropped out due to business and personal demands on his time. He helped me rewrite a short story that I'd written in 1992, and I appreciated his input, as it was my first encouragement in this area.

He died suddenly and unexpectedly in a car wreck. He was in the antiques business, with a location on Westheimer in the Montrose area.He and a nephew were driving back from San Antonio to Houston when a trailer came loose from another car; it crashed into Richard's car and he and his nephew were both killed instantly.
John Gittins
John was in for a couple of years, and hosted at restaurants, since he didn't want to go to the trouble of entertaining at home. He died June 24, 2000 in Acapulco, to where he'd retired in about 1994. Click for more on John Gittins, including pictures, etc.
  We have of course had a few other members who were in for a while, but didn't really have the time needed to read every month and attend meetings.
Cris C. was in for about six months, and was the youngest member (25 years old) we ever had.
  Pauline was in for a short period, but the time demands were severe, so she dropped out.

Beannie is so wonderful. This co-founder of the Book Club has worked for decades in education, and has a daughter (Tensia) and two grandchildren. Her mother was a sparkling iconoclast who has sadly left us. Beannie dropped out of the club to move back to her home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She's a peach! Beannie, we miss you !

Rita was a co-founder a real joy and inspiration to us all. I met her while working for ENRON, though knew her mostly from breaks instead of work. I often remark that she is just like "That Girl's" Marlo Thomas (married to Phil Donahue) because of her energy, talent and enthusiasm. She faced great challenges in her life, and was so compassionate that she has taken on loads that others would not be able to handle.

She had also moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and died there in 2017. Born on October 8, 1945, died October 8, 2017.


Alex has a most-beautiful home ! One of those large homes with great character, as he's customized it with tumbled marble, granite, etc. ad infinitum. Gosh ! I got lost driving to his house once, so much so that I turned around and came home. His driving directions are his only flaw.

He was in from Summer, 1999 until about Fall of 2001.

Michael M.- I met him while working for ENRON (now defunct), and he has always been so pleasant to be around. His hospitality is awesome, though sometimes he doesn't quite finish the books since he's got a busy life. He is well traveled, and has great taste !

He is furnishing resumés upon request, and reading the autobiography of the Dalai Lama at January 31, 2002.

The handsome Ráshid is an Osteopathic physician with a keen insight.

He has exited the book club, as he's obtained a position in Florida. We will welcome him back if he ever comes back to Houston.
Andy was born in the year of the Ox. His favorite way to have coffee is with neither cream nor sugar, but ample quantities of sweetened condensed milk. He came to the January, 2002 meeting to check us out, and apparently likes us, but he's elected to do something else on Thursday nights.
Suzanne C
We don't have a pic from her. She exited in 2009, and is a former Enron employee, as Linda, John, and I are.

Active Members - winter 2014/2015

Sylvia is a Swedish beauty who, like Drew, had moved away, only to come back to our welcoming arms. She enjoys urban living, is a voracious reader, and a great cook.

Drew - I met him while working for an engineering company (now defunct), and he has moved on to greener pastures in the energy field. He is well-traveled, and a great guy all around ! It's easy to spend hours at his website, particularly if you like the links to the English-usage sites.

He left us for a short while when he moved to Colorado, but came back and we're glad! He now lives in the Heights in a big new house.

His birthday is 5 April

Click for Louis's Video!!

Louis Hemmi- the WEBmaster of the group since I felt that we should keep our history, and later thought a WEB site would be just fun to do !

Louis' resumé is available upon request, and my home page is http://www.Hemmi.US . Send me some business, if you please ;)

Hobbies include aquariums, reading, working out, and of course, WEB applications.I'm now working on creating Flash movies. Please check out my newest Web creation on! This is a Chinese Zodiac lookup program Flash-compatible movie. There's also a moon tool (info about the current phase of the moon, etc., and the Mayan Sacred Codes page.
My birthday is 12 April in a Year of the Rooster

I met John while working for ENRON, and worked for a while trying to decipher RPG on an old System/36 (forerunner of AS/400). In fact, my EDS boss and I went to Dallas to try to decipher an ancient application potentially useful in diving specs for a Shipping Management System.

John is known to prefer Pinot Grigio to other wines, and has a really tasteful and beautiful home full of comfortable furnishings and lots of great books. He is a thoughtful, caring intellectual.
His birthday is 25 June in a Year of the Snake.

She has been known to wield a kitana, and hosts lavish gourmet evenings poolside. She is well known for her dog Shelby (aka ' She who must be feared '). She's been a high-powered executive type for a well-known but defunct energy company who now holds the ambiguous title of "consultant."

She is a member of another bookclub, so reads voraciously. Meetings at her house are usually graced with Indian food in copiousl quantities, and there's never a wine shortage.
Her birthday is 4 December in a Year of the Rat.

Jessica is a young professional who learned about us through this WEB site. She is vivacious and a knockout in person. She is a single parent, and has a well-honed love of books.

We value her highly, and glad she came back to us after a year's hiatus. She's hosted at Brian O'neill's twice, and we certainly appreciate that.


Her birthday is
23 June, in a Year of the Sheep (Goat)

Barbara is most known for her fabulous dry wit, and her cute house with an awesome kitchen and IMMACULATE lawn. Her hospitality is always gracious, and she always has some original insights. She is known to live with animals (dogs and cats). I like her meals from El Tiempo

Her birthday is 5 November, in a year of the Dragon!




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